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The basis of the OSI - Mobile Storage Shelving System is a totally free-standing track and floor system. The base is made up of a track and a floor assembly. The track is a composite aluminium/steel assembly. The composite track consists of an aluminium outer extruded section with an inner steel bar used as the load bearing member. This combination provides the necessary loading capacity with minimum deflection. The aluminium track assembly is light and easy to transport and install. The track has an anodised finish to provide a very good surface finish for appearance and protection.
The track is fitted along its length with adjusting screws to provide a means of accurately levelling the tracks, against steel load plates located under the track, on an uneven floor.

The integral floor system creates a safe and strong false floor for personnel to walk on. The floor is produced from 18.0mm flooring grade particle board. The floor is located and simply secured between the tracks on an up stand on the edge of the track and an integral groove on the underside of the boards. The boards are then slid and connected by tongue and grooves to give a strong and flush fitting surface.
With the installation being totally free-standing, the user can move, re-configure or re-use the installation at a later date in another area. The system will not damage the underlying floor surface.

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The OSI - Mobile Storage Shelving System is created with base carriages that comprise of initial and extension bays. Both these bases have four widths – nominally 1200mm, 1000mm, 900mm and 750mm and various depths.

The bases can be either single or double sided depending upon the quantity of storage needed and space available. The mobile bases are comprised of steel carriage units: that provide housings for the mobile’s wheels, facing channels - used to join the carriages together and the wheel axles that join the driving wheels together.

Each initial bay (starter bay) can have either drive channel (a capstan) or a push/pull handle secured direct to the shelving upright. The shelving upright sits directly over the centre of the carriage units.
Movement of the bases is gained by turning the capstans hand wheel in the left or right direction or pulled by the user (if using a push/pull handle). The drive is then transmitted to the wheels by a series of chain and sprockets on one side of the base, thus providing the drive of the system.

Electronic systems are also available at a slightly extra cost to the standard mechanically driven version.

There are three different types of shelving system that can be provided for the OSI Mobile Storage Shelving System;

OSI – Single Skin shelving system is a light to medium duty system having three heights, four widths and six depths. This system is single skinned and its profile consists of a true front edge delta and ‘T’ rear flange enabling the system to be extended or shortened without disturbing adjacent bays.
The structural rigidity of the system is gained by the use of either bracing crossbars or solid split back cladding which securely ties the uprights together.

There are various depth shelves, both standard and heavy duty that create the storage levels between the sidewalls and they are themselves held rigidly in place by steel shelf clips at 25.0mm slot centres. Shelf loadings of up to 80 kg UDL per shelf can be obtained. The finish of the system is painted standard smoke white – RAL: 9002 with the new ActiveCoat powder coating.
The product is a quick and simple system to install providing a very efficient and versatile storage solution.

OSI – Double Skin shelving system is a unique system that provides a stylish shelving product which offers maximum usable shelf width with unimpeded access to all stored goods. It provides a smooth and safe sidewall surface and gives aesthetic appeal. There are two standard heights, with four widths and four shelf depths. The system is complete with either bracing crossbars or solid split back panels.

Shelf adjustment is as the single skin system on 25.0mm pitch and the shelves come pre-punched to accept a number of types of full and half height shelf dividers. Shelf loadings of up to 80 kg UDL per shelf can be obtained. There is also available a number of accessories provided with the system including pull out shelves and filing cradles and lateral filing rails. The system is of course of course BS: 5454 compliant. The product finish has a range of painted colours of your choice (dependent upon order quantity) with the new ActiveCoat powder coating.

OSI – Rolled Edge shelving system provides a standard shelving product that is both hard wearing and heavy duty. Both commercial and British standard shelves are available in many widths and depths for maximum flexibility. Shelf loadings of up to 90 kg – 205 kg UDL per shelf can be obtained. The system has a slim, rolled edge, which allows maximum shelf width whilst at the same time adding strength to the system. The system is available in three standard heights, with six widths and four shelf depths. Various accessories for the system are available including door frame sets and full height dividers. The finish of the system is painted Dove Grey with the new ActiveCoat powder coating.

OSI - Decorative End and Back Panels can be added to the any of the systems (at little extra cost) to improve aesthetic appearance. Various finishes, both standard and special, can be provided. Timber MFC panels are held securely to the sidewalls by aluminium extruded fascia panels. Steel decorative end panels, both plain and perforated can also be provided.

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