What type of storage is right for your project?

Broadly speaking, after considering space available, accessibility, security, workflow, and space efficiency needs, all organizations tend towards three levels of storage. Each level of storage leads to a particular type (or types) of storage equipment as shown below.

Whether you’re planning the storage requirements for the renovation of your entire facility or equipping your own workstation with personal storage, consider the breadth of quality and the flexibility that our products encompass.
Centralised or archiving Storage systems/solutions

Storage for a large group of people or an entire organization

  • Mobile Storage – Larger or medium sized mobile storage systems (either mechanical or electronic) to reduce the amount of floor space utilized but increasing the storage capacity that is made available. Space is money in any organization and as such must be made efficient and workable. Mobile storage systems allow you to create up to 100% more storage space in your existing archive, office or workshop area.
  • Shelving or archiving area – large or medium sized runs of shelving for your archiving and storage areas.
  • Large or medium sized locker areas maintain ‘personal space’ but help to reduce mess and clutter in your working environment. They also bring the benefit of security to your employee’s belongings.
Departmental Storage

Storage for a medium sized group of people

  • Mobile Storage – Medium system solutions for departmental archiving. Providing archiving with accessories such as pull-out shelves, lateral hanging filing systems, divided bays with ‘pigeon hole’ units. 
  • General cupboards or tool cabinets aswell as general stationary cupboard solutions.
  • Stationary Shelving – Medium runs of single or double sided shelving
  • Mobile Storage – Personal Storage.

Storage for one or two individuals

  • Tambour door Cabinets/Cupboards
  • Mobile Storage – Small manual systems
  • Stationary/Office Shelving – Single or small double sided Units
  • Lateral Filing desk systems
  • Bookcases
  • Mobile desk pedestals