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Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving systems create up to 100% more usable storage capacity within the same working space.

Quick and simple to install, mobile shelving provides very cost effective, efficient and versatile storage solutions. Free-standing track/floor systems require no fixing down or messy ground works and can be easily relocatable and adaptable.



Mobile shelving example
  • Clients with Mobile Shelving Installations 50% 50%
  • Additional Shelving Space created by Mobile Storage Installations 70% 70%

Have you considered using a mobile shelving system to make better use of your storage space?

Mobile track
Mobile Storage Rack Handle
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Shelving options

Track / Floor

Made of composite steel, the track provides the necessary loading capacity with minimum deflection. The easily adjustable track ensures a level floor on uneven surfaces and allows adjustment over the life of the product.

The wear resistant, integral false floor creates a safe, secure and level platform for personnel to walk on.


The mobile bases are made up of various sized steel carriages that provide a base for the shelving to sit upon. Movement of each base is provided using a front hand wheel.


This shelving system is single skinned and its profile consists of a front edge delta and ‘T’ rear flange enabling the system to be extended or shortened without disturbing adjacent bays.

There are various shelf widths/depths available that create the storage levels.

The shelves are adjustable on a 25.0mm pitch using a hidden shelf clip. Shelf loadings of up to 100 kg per shelf can be achieved.

The shelving is painted in a hard-wearing epoxy powder coating in white, with ActiveCoat powder coating giving extra protection. This anti-microbial technology, which is incorporated in the manufacturing process of the shelving, offers constant protection against potentially harmful bacteria, mould and fungi.


There are various shelf widths/depths available that create the storage levels.

These shelving systems have a multitude of possible uses including the storage of archived paperwork, filing and stationary. The systems and can be combined with various shelving accessories and dividers that allow additional scope to organise and catalogue items neatly and efficiently.


Workspace storage designed for ease of use

Mobile shelving systems can be installed into any office, commercial or industrial environment. We offer free design planning and production of suitable design layouts to fit your workspace and increase your storage capacity. Use our expert advice to when choosing the best products suitable for your requirements.

We find that Officestor installation always put our client’s needs first by going above and beyond the project needs to ensure that is it completed on time and in full.  Their workmanship is always of a professional standard.

I would certainly be happy to provide a reference for the quality, professional and outstanding work provided by this company.

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